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I Kissed a Gun and I Liked It

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With the new job I have it has been increasing my muscle size. NO…not that muscle size. Come on, do you really think I’d write a blog about that?

Anyway, I’m sitting at my computer the other night and I happen to catch my reflection in the casing around my fireplace. It’s a shiny brass casing so you can see yourself easily.

I looked over and noticed an increase in tone of muscle in my right arm. I was awe struck by this so I decided to flex a little, while watching my reflection.

I thought it was just something having to do with the way the reflection showed my muscle and decided to prove myself wrong. I went to my bathroom and flexed more in the mirror, only to my surprise of seeing that it was true.

Point is, I feel like Zoolander while writing this.


Written by Jason S.

September 8, 2008 at 1:40 am

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